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Printed fabric and woven labels are ideal for:


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As Packaging Inserts or Textile Labels


Fabric labels are available in either printed or woven formats.
You can choose from a variety of materials that will cater for all your performance needs.


If you require a label for use in a garment or textile product then printed fabric labels may be for you.
A single or full colour printing process may be applied to most fabric types.

Common materials include: polyester-satin, cotton and taffeta.

Fabrics are generally white or cream, however they can be completely overprinted to achieve any background colour you may wish.

I can supply printed labels on rolls, or if necessary they can be cut and supplied separately.

Size-wise you can select material widths from 10 to 150mm’s. The length can can be tailored to your specification.

If you need help with the design or layout, I can assist with the set-up and presentation. I’d be happy to advise on the most cost effective solutions



If you’re searching for a label with a prestigious look and feel, then woven labels are an ideal choice.

High definition weaves provide really sharp images and text, even on small labels.

Woven labels offer that up-market touch to enhance your products.

Single or multiple thread colours offer an unlimited combination to achieve that perfect finish.

Threads are also available in a wide range of metallic finishes for that extra special look.

Woven detailing is so fine that complex images and pictures look truly lifelike. In addition to woven labels, I can also supply woven products such as elasticised tapes and cords.

If you require a sample, I’d be delighted to supply them at no cost.

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