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Also know as printer ribbons, thermal transfer foils are the print medium used in thermal transfer printers.

The material is a thin heat sensitive film supplied on a roll, usually 300-600M’s long.

Thermal foils come in 3 categories:

WAX – the least expensive solution for printing on paper – general use for packaging, etc.

WAX/RESIN – this gives a smear proof print for longer lasting applications.

RESIN – referred to as scratch proof – a high performance foil.
Any Colour. Any Purpose

At Apple Labelling we stock thermal transfer foils for market leading brands like TEC, SATO & Citizen. Whether it’s the genuine article or the ever popular compatibles we hold most common sizes for immediate dispatch.

If your requirement is for a narrow roll width or something a little unusual we have access to every ribbon on the market. Order today and have them delivered within 3-4 working days.

Furthermore on popular ribbons we have no minimum order quantity, so we’ll dispatch one roll if that’s all you need.

The range and diversity of foils on offer can be confusing, so if you need to know the right one for your application give us a call. We’ll be happy to recommend the correct product, we’ll even send you a free sample if necessary.

We have years of invaluable experience using thermal foils so you can rely on our knowledge.

Not sure we have the foil/ribbon for your printer? Here is a small selection of the machines we can provide foils for.

B-30 (B30) B-372 (B372) B-402 (B402) B-442 (B422)
B-443 (B443) B-452 (B452) B-472 (B472) B-482 (B482)
B-492 (B492) B-572 (B572) B-63 (B63) B-65 (B65)
B-672 (B672) B-682 (B682) B-802 (B802) B-852 (B852)
B-872 (B872) B-882 (B882) SX4-T (SX-4T) SX5-T (SX-5T)
Zebra / EltronZebra / Eltron
260 285 T-300 (T300) T-402 (T402)
TLP 2242 TLP 2622 TLP 2642 TLP 2742
TLP 3642 TLP 3742 TLP 2684 TLP 2844
TLP 3842 UBI 91 (UBI-91)    
Datamax / SATODatamax / SATO
DMX 400 DMX 430 DMX 600 DMX 800
E-4203 (E4203)      

S-30 (S30) S-45 (S45) S-50 (S50) S-60 (S60)
S-65 (S65) S-70 (S70) S-73 (S73) S-80 (S80)
S-85 (S85) S-95 (S95)    
3240 3400 3440 3600
4420 4440 8646 401
501 601 C4 E4
CLP 2001 CLP 6001 CLP 7200 CLP 7201
CLP 8301      

S4 T4 T4 300 T4R 300


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